Saturday, September 29, 2007

Avalude Karyam

Avan was Naraz @ aval last weekend.

Randu Pilleravan Prayamayi Ennittu Karajondu Nadakkunnu .

Avan secretly wished Aval to get well Soon. But didnt tell aval.

Aval got well soon as Avan wished .

Aval started making avan mad everyday as soon as she got well.

Avalude oru Karyam

Avan gets mad at aval when aval makes avan mad by pulling his leg .

Then both of them start laughing when they talk over the phone to each other on how they teased each other.

Aval Giggles and Avan does Kikkiikkki according to Aval.

Suddely Avan turns serious and tells aval.

Avan tells aval " U dont tell me anything about your dreamz. But you try to see what I want always"

Aval likes the serious Avan. She has once told Avan after they talked over the phone.

Aval replies " If I keep saying what I want whatz the diff between me and the rest"

Avan knows @ least two things that aval wants

Aval wants to eat black current ice creams everytime they fight

Aval wants to have a hot tea in the morning

What else she wants is a secret between avan and aval ;)?


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