Monday, July 16, 2007


Frog :P . First time they talked Aval made Avan Mad.

Aval :Enthada Maakri?
Avan :What?
Aval :How are you doing , Maakri?
Avan :No Body in my life has called me a Maakri
Aval :Athentha , Avarkku Maakri enthanennu ariyathillayirunno
Avan :You @$@#$# , Who are you ?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shares and Sharing

Aval appeared very naaraz with Avan on Friday . Avan could not pacify Aval :P and they almost quarrelled , apparently the matter is with sharing some space in dreams . But today Aval seemed Ok :P in chat and didnt say anything about sharing. Aval has clearly stated her policy on sharing , hope Avan understood.

Avan is happy with shares and sharing because all those shares in which Avan invested is doing well in stock market.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aval & Avan

This is the story of Aval and Avan .

Aval has not met Avan and Avan has not met Aval but Avan knows a lot of things about Aval and Aval knows a lot of things about Avan.

Avan is from Kerala .

Aval is also from Kerala and is now in U S of A .

The story is Life… Live… from…. Avan and Aval.

Let us see how the story proceeds .